About the Kuunika Project

Kuunika means “To Bring to Light” the Kuunika Project seeks to bring health data into the light.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is supporting Malawi’s effort to improve service delivery by fostering a data use culture. Using HIV as the project’s first use case, the ultimate goal is leveraging investments to address quality of care in the broader health system. The project includes activities in improving data systems, improving data use, and improving data governance.

HIV is the leading cause
of death in Malawi

1 in 10 Malawians are living with HIV

The Bill and Melinda Gate 

Foundation supports Malawi’s

efforts to foster a culture of data use

Donor funding for

health – including HIV

in Malawi is


Malawi must invest

optimally to maximize

health benefits with

existing resources

To address inefficiencies

we must understand

performance & cost drivers

and improve quality service

Using HIV as the project's

first use case, the ultimate

goal is leveraging investments

for the broader health system

How will the Kuunika Project improve data for decision making?

Supply of Data

Linking key data systems

Automating routiine data exchange between district and national systems 

Promoting data exchange among a variety of HIV stakeholders. 

Improving data quality and completeness
Ensuring access and availability of data to the right people at the right time

Demand of Data

Building capacity to interpret data

Enabling training on analytic tools within the existing processes and meeting and mentoring identified champions on using data for program improvements.

Incentivizing data use

Data Governance

Implementing standards

Establishing approved standards for managing paper and electronic systems and enforcing them across the health sector.

Collaborating across the Ministry of Health

Meet Our Leadership

Kuunika's Core Project Management Team

Prof. Sam Phiri
Prof. Sam Phiri Co-Principal Investigator samphiri@lighthouse.org.mw
Dr. Andrew Likaka
Dr. Andrew LikakaPrincipal Investigatoralikaka88@fastmail.fm
Mr. Maganizo Monawe
Mr. Maganizo MonaweProject Technical Advisormmonawe@gmail.com
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